Domestic Shipping VS International Shipping

Domestic shipping
International shipping
  • Pack it
  • Print it
  • Label & Ship it

What's the difference between
International shipping & Domestic shipping?

Commercial invoice. The commercial invoice is the customs document that you’ll use most
often when shipping outside the U.S. Required for all non-document shipments, it is the primary form
used for importation control, valuation and duty determination.

How you complete Commercial Invoice previously.

Circle makes your pain go away

Completing the commercial invoice won’t be a challenge at Circle.
All you have to do is enter shipment commodity details into your Circle system

How you complete commercial invoice at Circle.

Still too complicated for you?

Forget about the paper commercial invoice you have to attach. Save a tree. Let’s go paperless.
Electronic Trade Documents or Paperless Invoice enables you to submit your customs documentation
electronically so you no longer need to print multiple copies — it's all processed electronically.

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