Shipping Made Easy

See how Circle can help you save 50% time on shipping,

and increase 5% on profit.

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Multiple Selling Channels

No more logging into multiple online stores. Orders

imported in real time from Amazon, eBay and many

more, or uploaded via Excel from your stores

One Interface for all Carriers

Connect your own UPS and FedEx accounts with your negotiated

rates w/o extra login required.

Get USPS commercial rates CBP/CPP right away

Easily compare shipping rates across carriers

Tools for High Volume Shippers

Create and edit shipments in batch

Seamlessly print 100s of shipping labels with no copy & pasting

Flexible printing formats - A4 integrated & thermal labels

Discounted Shipping Rates

Discounted USPS shipping rates for business shippers

The more you ship, the better rate you will get

Automation Rules

Set up shipping preferences to save time in order


Suggest the optimal solution based on your

shipping history

Tracking and Notifications

Post back tracking information to selling channels

Auto update the package status on the dashboard

Send you notifications for any exceptions

Effortless international shipping

At Circle, international shipping is made easier.

With paperless invoice and commercial invoice reminder,

shipping across the world is just like shipping across

the state. You know the drill.

Trusted by People Like You

I'm extremely happy with Circle overall,

which combines my two stores into one easy-to-use shipping interface.

No more switching from one account to another.

Great app, great service, and great time saver! 

 Many automation rules are applied and can be customized.

Highly recommended for small-medium business shipping.

Very impressed with Circle. It is proving to be a boon for efficiency. We easily connect all our stores and 3 different carrier accounts we use to its single location.

The interface is amazing with clear reports having all our orders aggregated.

Everything is so much easier here.

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Shipping Made Easy

See how Circle can help you save 50% time on shipping,

and increase 5% on profit.

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